The Promise of the Fifth Sun

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A myth is an ancient traditional story, or a series of stories, usually about heroes and supernatural beings. As it happens, we will see that that "Lord of the House at Dawn" is actually an incarnation of the god Quetzalcoatl. For reasons we will never know, it was understood by the gods that this fifth sun would be the final one, and once it burned out like the others there would never be another one. I learn from myths that I have not been the only one in creation to ever feel this way. Our most popular dress, now with a fanciful, role- …. Some military units even swore never to take a backwards step on the battlefield on pain of death. Each soft and lightweight polyester p ….

On that day, I found myself formulating a prayer in my mind before saying it aloud. The time has come for the healing and renewal of the Earth.

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The Earth is healed and renewed. The new has come! It is for us to be aware and to live in this reality.

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  • The Promise of the Fifth Sun : Ancestral Journey of Self Discovery -

This, right now, is the time of Creation when anything is possible. Helper Spirits are freed as never before in my lifetime.


I feel and experience this reality. Of all who have ever lived in the Earth, no one has ever been closer to the presence of Creator or had powerful, benevolent spiritual help more readily accessible and available than we have right now. The last World and especially the Nine Hells at the ending of the last World constituted a time characterized by people being afraid to think for themselves.

The Sixth Sun has risen.

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