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God will protect his own honor above the reputation of those who sin in secret. God exposed David's sin in order to keep His own honor before ungodly men.

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And David, who was so jealous of his own good name and reputation, even today stands before our eyes exposed and still confessing - every time we read about him in the Scripture. No - God will not allow us to drink from stolen waters, then attempt to drink at His holy fountain. Not only will our secret sin find us out, it will deny us God's best and bring on a flood of despair, doubt, and fear. Don't blame God for not listening to your prayers if you're not listening to His call to obedience.

You will end up blaspheming God and accusing Him of negligence, while all along you'll be the culprit. Christ will not deal with anyone with a wrathful and unforgiving spirit. We are commanded to "lay aside all malice, envy, and evil speaking, and as newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word" 1 Peter , 2. Christ will not even communicate with a wrangling, jangling, unforgiving person.

God's law of prayer is clear on this matter, "Lift up pure hands without wrath or doubting" 1 Timothy By not forgiving the sins committed against us, we make it impossible for God to forgive and bless us. He instructed us to pray, "Forgive us, as we forgive others.

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Is there a grudge smoldering in your heart against another? Don't look upon it as something you have a right to indulge in. God takes such things very seriously. All the wranglings and disputing among Christian brothers and sisters must grieve His heart more than all the sins of the ungodly. No wonder our prayers are hindered - we have become so obsessed with our own hurt feelings and so concerned about our mistreatment from others. There is also a malignant mistrust rising up in religious circles. Jealousies, uncharitableness, bitterness - and a spirit of revenge, all in God's name.

We should not wonder if God shuts the very gates of heaven on us, until we learn to love and forgive. Yes, even those who have hurt us the most. Get this Jonah off your ship and the storm will settle. He who expects little from prayer will not have much power and authority in prayer. When we question the power of prayer, we lose it. The devil is trying to rob us of hope by making it appear that prayer is no longer effective. How clever Satan is, as he tries to deceive us with lies and unnecessary fears.

When Israel was brought the false news that Joseph had been killed, it sickened him to despair, even though it was a lie. Joseph was alive and prospering, while all this time his father grieved in sorrow - having believed the lie. So Satan is trying to deceive us today with lies.


Unbelieving fears rob the believer of joy and confidence in God. God does not hear all prayer - He hears only believing prayer. Prayer is the only weapon we have against all the fiery darkness of the enemy. That weapon must be used in great confidence, or else we have no other defense against Satan's lies. Gods' reputation is at stake. Our lack of patience is proof enough we don't expect much from prayer. We leave the secret closet of prayer, ready to go on muddling our way through - and we would even be shocked if God did answer. We think God has not heard us because we see no evidence of an answer.

But of this you can be sure - the longer a prayer is delayed, the more perfect it will come forth at last. Also, the deeper the silence, the louder the answer. Abraham prayed for a child, and God answered. Yet, how many years went by before he held that child in his arms? Every faithful prayer is heard the moment it is prayed, but God chooses to answer in His own way and in His own time.

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God invites us to pray for whatever is on our hearts, to cast all our anxieties on him, but there are a few precious prayers to which he always. I am half way through this book and I am having difficulty identifying the six prayers that God always answers. I wish this book was like Ten Prayers God Always.

Meanwhile, God expects us to rejoice in the naked promises and feast on hope while we wait for the fulfillment. Also, he wraps His denials in the sweet package of love, to prevent us from falling into despair. The only person we lay down terms to is the one we don't trust. Those we trust we leave to themselves to do what is right. It all boils down to a lack of trust. The believing soul, after he has unburdened his heart in prayer to the Lord, resigns himself to the faithfulness, goodness, and wisdom of God.

The true believer will leave the shaping of the answer to God's mercy. Whatever way God chooses to answer, the believer will welcome it. David prayed diligently for his household, and then committed all to God's covenant - "Though my house be not so with God, yet He hath made with me a covenant" 2 Samuel Those who prescribe to God how and when to answer actually limit the Holy one of Israel. Since God will not bring the answer in the front door, they are not aware of His coming in the back.

They trust only in conclusions and not promises.

A Prayer God Always Answers!

But God will not be bound up to time, manner, or means of answering. He will forever do exceedingly, abundantly more than we ask or think of asking. He will answer with health, or grace that is better than health. He will send love, or something beyond it. He will deliver, or do something even greater. He desires that we simply leave our requests lodged in His powerful arms, cast all our care upon Him, and go forth with peace and serenity to wait His relief. How tragic to have so great a God and so little faith in Him.

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He who expects little from prayer will not have much power and authority in prayer. This verse tells us we overcome the plots and plans of the enemy two ways: by the blood of Jesus and by the word of our testimony speaking it out. He delights to show leniency to people. Especially if the other person is God. Faith Life Culture Current Podcasts. Share it!

No more of "Is He able? How that must grate on the ears of our almighty God. Can He heal? Can He work a work for me?

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Come, rather, to him "as unto a faithful Creator. I've forgotten all His past blessings, or else I could not now be questioning his faithfulness.

You see, faith should have a good memory. Our rash and hasty words are results of our forgetting His past benefits. With David, we should pray:. You can be guilty of spiritual mutiny by not trusting God to answer at the most opportune time. You can be sure that when the answer comes, it will come in a way and in a time it will be most enjoyed.

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If what you prayed for is not worth the waiting, it is not worth the asking.