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The VICC leads to local electrochemical polarization of a lesion relative to surrounding non-injured tissue. Ions, cells, and water are transported electrically into the developing corona complex associated with pulmonary cancer. The walls of arteries and veins function as insulators around the electrically conducting medium of blood, whereas blood vessels connect injured and non-injured tissues at the capillary level, and interstitial fluid completes the biologically closed electric circuit BCEC Thus, there is a slowly fluctuating, attenuating electrochemical potential inducing ebb and flow of time-dependent anionic and cationic transports, based in the corona structures of pulmonary cancers seen on radiographic analysis.

Corona structures of the lungs may be recognized in twenty to thirty percent of patients whose tumors are peripheral to the hila and larger than 2. The A zone is characterized radiographically by radio lucency around an electrically polarizing focal lesion. Peripheral to the A zone, a B zone is seen as a radiopaque region. The A and B zones are basically the result of a electro-osmotic flow of water from a lesion during its electropositive phase. At the interface between A and B zones, small arches sometimes form and arcade.

This configuration develops when the polarizing lesion has small protrusions at its surface.

A quantum theory of disease, including cancer and aging

As a result of electrical edge enhancement and interface interactions, various elements of the interstitial tissue are transformed into radiating fibrous structures. They grow out at right angles to the surface of the lesion and serve as supporting columns for the arches.

When necrotic material from a tumor is evacuated through a bronchus, collapse of the tumor follows and will displace radiating structures already produced. They then present as regular elongated opacities termed lamellae. Experimental production of A and B zones, the radiating structures, arches and arcades have been presented [29,30] Figures 2 and 3.

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Circumferential structures are said to be related to perifocal edema due to dystrophic changes in the lung parenchyma by microthrombosis of vessels around the lesions. Perifocal edema is related to electro osmotic inflow of water to the mass during its electronegative phase, and contributes to a circular displacement of structures.

Additionally, local dehydration by electro osmosis may lead to shrinkage of hydrophilic fibro elastic tissue, producing a structural change, e. Figure 2. This shows a well-differentiated adenocarcinoma of lung frontal radiograph. The central area of the cancer presents as necrotic and ill defined. The central radiolucency of which is labeled N. Note radiating structures from the tumorous surface, and a y-shaped band called lamellae L overlie the mass. At the distinct interface between the zones, note a 2 cm long arcade see arrows.

Close inspection suggests the presence of small arches formed this structure, each of which is about mm.

Solving the Impossible in Quantum Field Theory - Space Time

Nordenstrom B. Nordic Medical Pub Figure 3. This shows a moderately well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, with lamellae. These linear opacities appear to cross one another over the tumor in posteroanterior projection A arrows. In slight left posterior oblique projection B , lamellae are projected at the surface of tumor. Reprinted from AJR, Sept.

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Problem Book in Quantum Field Theory Voja Radovanovi´cProblem Book in Quantum Field Theory Second EditionABC Vo. [EPUB] Problem Book in Quantum Field Theory ()(2nd ed.)(en)(s) by Voja Radovanovic. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can .

The discovery of the corona structures enable a correlation of the fractionally quantized Hall effect FQHE to biosystems. The FQHE indicates a two-dimensional quantum liquid of electrons rendered incompressible by the density quantization of its ground states, whose excitations are quasi-particles of fractional electric charges.

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The quantized Hall effect is a remarkable macroscopic quantum phenomenon occurring in semiconductors at experimentally produced low temperatures in two-dimensional electron systems, subjected to high magnetic fields. It was Von Klitzing who first noticed conductivity plateaus while reviewing semiconductor carrier densities and the elementary theory of Landau level filling in the inversion layer of a silicon Mosfet transistor.

When the chorus line is disturbed, and a kink develops in the line, e. A totality of adjustments in strings of electrons acting collectively creates the quesi- particle with precisely one third the charge of an electron. The cyclotron accelerates a beam of energetic particles in spiral paths at right angles to a constant magnetic field from an AC electric field. This has been likened to the system of a unit cell [29,30,45,].

The critical point demonstrated by Nordenstrom, that there is a slowly fluctuating attenuating electrochemical potential inducing ebb and flow of time dependent anionic and cationic transports based in the corona structures, guides one to the picture of magnetic resonance in electrical systems. Inductance is analogous to inertia, capacitance is analogous to elasticity.

One keeps in mind the rather straight relaxed radiating elastic structures described by Nordenstrom and the fact that very low temperatures were utilized to demonstrate the quantized Hall Effect as electronic collisions are most elastic at temperatures below 4 degrees Kelvin. Indeed, the capacitive coupling of vessel walls drive the VICC, and the inductance of looping created by the cyclotron resonance effect may be a fundamental mechanism of quantized corpuscular and wave adjustment.

While a stretched spring stores mechanical energy, a capacitor stores electricity in its natural state. In its simplest form, a capacitor is made up of two parallel metal plates separated by an insulating material such as air or mica. For example, the average resistivity of human tissue, falls within the range of ohms per centimeter as a general statement.

Nordenstrom points out that the resistivity of the walls of capillaries is times greater than that of the blood plasma. Additionally, when we place a large number of electrons into a resonance circuit, as it is stimulated electrically, the electrons will surge through the system and accumulate on the capacitor on the opposite side of the system. After the electrons have completed the passage, the current stops, and the same thing may take place in the opposite direction.

To understand the role played by the resistivity of the tissue, remember that inductance is really electrical inertia.

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The current would prefer to stop when the electrons are equally distributed between the two plates of the capacitor, but it cannot stop instantaneously any more than a car can stop the very instant the breaks are applied. Returning to a mechanical analogy, a weight suspended by a spring passes through its normal rest position many times as it bobs up and down.

The same process takes place in the resonance circuit in the human body as the current surges back and forth from insulator to insulator in the VICC. Electrical resistance in the capillaries in the VICC plays the part of friction in slowly changing the electrical energy into heat; and the resonance frequency of a circuit is determined primarily by its inductance and capacitance.

More specifically, the inductance is based upon inertia of the point masses or quantum particles, the cells and ions…etc. It is important to understand that because of the complexities and irregularities of human tissue, the human body may be considered a semi conductor. The resistance of human tissue ranges generally from about the resistance of germanium 55 ohm per centimeter to the resistance of silicon 5.

However, it may be inferred from the distance from conduction bands, resistivity of condensed chromatin and chromosomes may approach a million ohms per centimeter of spatial line extension. Indeed, it appears probable that quasi-particles may well participate in the fissionary process, as entropic states provide kinks in chorus lines of electrons to promulgate creation of virtual particles, most especially if PicoTesla magnetic fields represent quantum gravitational states. Adjustment mechanisms may include solitons, a product of electrogravitational interactions that open worm holes to states of reality outside of ordinary matter, but included within the context of the total field.

Thus, photon-phonon transductions arguably must exist in all material bodies, especially because all ordinary matter is nothing else than condensed electromagnetic field. The description of fluctuating electro osmotic potentials within the VICC system conform to the law of conservation of mass and energy. Whereas, the flux seen in an oscillating steady state system, e. This idea leads to an appreciation of the importance of streaming potentials, as well as cyclotron resonance which is unitarily equivalent to magnetic resonance.

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As the conductance of the tissue leads the current to approach the circumference of a corona structure about a tumor, and auxiliary electric fields deflect particles from the circular path as they leave through the interface. The electrical interface between the corona structures and the surrounding tissues determines the deflection path of radiating circumferential structures. We see the quantization of Hall conductivity plateaus in fractions in the corona structures, as tissue resistivity approximates 7.

Furthermore, when a conductor carrying a current is exposed to a magnetic field, the Hall effect says an induced emf occurs in the conductor orthogonal to the magnetic field and the electric field. The Hall resistivity that is measured by solid state physicists is indeed equivalent to the resistance of human tissue. This occurs when Landau level filling is completed, as adjustments take place. As the Fermi level is increased, leaving more Landau levels to be filled, fluctuations may continue as plateaus continue to be reached.

The mechanism by which healing takes place involves fluctuating electrochemical and electro-gravitational potentials permitting anionic and cationic, bosonic and quasi-particle transports to readjust homeostasis [45,98,]. Summarizing hypotheses: non-linear radiating structures emerging from the surface of a lesion give the lesion a hairy appearance, and are analogous to cyclotron resonance systems, wherein the electric field of the surrounding tissue expunges cells and ions from the circular path of the corona structure to leave in a looping path. The approximation of right angles is based upon the Hall effect, which describes a current that wants to traverse a path that is at right angles to the electric and the magnetic field. As a direct consequence of the foregoing, the arches and arcades that develop at the interface between A and B zones have been observed only in the presence of radiating structures which are generally one to two millimeters in diameter.

As a group, the arches form a row, or arcade. The structures that emanate from the body of the lesion are intrinsically propagated by 1 the Lorenz force, orthogonal to the electric and magnetic fields internal to the lesion based upon the Hall effect and 2 contained therein magnetic domains moved in space by a physiologic AC magnetic field; to loop in a spiral as the magnetic field changes between the lesion and surrounding tissue, based upon the cyclotron resonance effect.

The resistivity of tissues is altered to adjust chorus lines of electrons that determine production of quasi-particles. It is further hypothesized that there are numerous magnetic domains of varying electro-potentials that are independent energy systems- that must act coordinately to produce crystalline interfacing effects, e. Coordination of systems through space requires gravitational interactions based in solitons affectations by gravitons.

It is our purpose to draw attention to the underlying physical principles of quantum mechanics that may be involved in microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic phenomena, perhaps explaining radiographic manifestations exemplifying various physiological processes of human and biological systems. Greater understanding from a quantum point of view of biological phenomena in normal and diseased tissues will perhaps enable clinicians, experimentalists and theorists to determine greater numbers and better quality procedures to treat pathological conditions in the future.

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It is the contention of this presentation that in accord with the Hall effect, when an exogenous nonionizing EM field is applied to the human body, a current carrying conductor, a small EMF is generated longitudinally across the body, and when the transverse Lorenz force is orthogonal to the magnetic and electric fields, i. Therein, a potential difference is generated between the domain walls of atomic crystal lattice structures producing a structural deformation of the lattices to bring about particle jumps e.

While very low temperatures and strong magnetic fields were utilized to demonstrate the quantum Hall effect, there is no doubt that super conduction at very low temperatures occurs in biological systems, e. As well, extremely high temperatures in exceedingly small volumes of space account for biological fusions.