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Mobile Game Development with Flash CS6 and ActionScript 3.0 Course
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Movieclips are pulled out of the library, randomly placed on stage, and the player must click on a matching movieclip before the objects move around again. We also look at removing movieclips onstage with a while loop.

Actionscript 3 Bundle

This lesson teaches how to create a card game with potentially hundreds of cards onstage and identify them by their child index instead of relying on each card having a unique instance name. This lesson sets up the foundation for any type of card game you might want to create, and you can use the included card art or any other design. Code is already provided to test if two cards match.

Each card can also be click-dragged around and when selected it will appear above all other cards on stage with a glow effect. This tutorial teaches how to load data from an XML file and parse through it to store the data in an array or multiple arrays.


Lewis Moronta, Queens, New York, has been programming and working with computer graphics since Lewis began freelancing as a graphic designer in . Today, Adobe Flash is strongly geared towards game development. default programming language, AS3, is a far cry from the ActionScript of.

This code could be used for any number of applications where it would be ideal to store your data outside of Flash, then load it in at runtime. This technique allows you to upload and overwrite your existing XML file to update the site without having to republish and upload your Flash file. The example project creates a slideshow from XML data which provides the locations of external images and swfs to be loaded and faded in over time.

This part teaches how to use FlashVars, which are simply variables in your html embed code. Flash can access these variables prior to executing code on frame 1, so your swf can use the data in any number of ways.

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Instead we specify that filename as a string variable to load as a FlashVar. This way we can use the same swf file embedded across multiple html documents, but each page will play a different movie. This part includes a few different projects. One example creates a glowing trail behind the mouse cursor, the other example creates a realistic rain effect. Next we look at how to play audio with Actionscript. One example shows how to play a clip stored in the Library, while the other example shows how to build a simple audio player which loads its source from an external mp3 file.

Finally we look at capturing keyboard input and using that to move a scripted mask around the stage with the arrow keys. The example project creates a magnifying glass effect. This tutorial combines a lot of code throughout the entire course and builds a relatively simple classic-style arcade game. Topics include: keyboard and mouse control, game boundaries, adding and placing children onstage at runtime the invaders , moving and speeding up objects with an Enter Frame event, collision detection between the invaders and bullets using a For loop, and progressing levels or resetting the game to its initial state.

The first example creates a simple Circle class and uses that with a corresponding circle movieclip in the library. The second example teaches how to make a custom tween class which you could use with any movieclip. Actionscript 3 Side Scrolling Tutorial — 3 Hours.

Multi-touch Input

The courses in this bundle will teach you how to develop games with Actionscript 3. Swap out the artwork to brand the look and style of the game to your needs. Playing a Song With a Toggle Button. He uses a Base Class to assign this same script to two different movie clips. Puedes Puedes 28 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. Ash: An entity framework for Actionscript games Ash is an Actionscript 3 entity framework for game development Source Code Ash Examples Asteroids Documentation There is no formal documentation as yet, but much of the source code contains as-doc comments. Helper classes for animations, tilemaps, text, backdrops, and more with z-sorted render lists for easy depth management.

The arrows keys move the character and attack. Topics include:. Mobile Actionscript 3 Basics — 3 Hours. In this series, you will learn how to export your Flash project to an iOS or Android app. Like all of our courses, this one includes the source code for every project.

Adobe Gaming SDK: The Essential Building Blocks for Game Development

The tutorial is divided into multiple movies, which can be viewed in any order. The virtual phone in Device Central can also be used to test with Device Central is included with Flash. This course takes a look at the various ways of adding touch input to your Flash-created App or swf file.


Touch-enabled devices that are running Flash Player This code could be used for a Flash movie played within the browser. This part teaches how to add Gesture recognition to your Flash project. Gestures are finger actions like pinching, swiping, panning , rotating, two finger tapping or long-pressing.

Yes thats a screenshot of a zombie-style dress-up game. Why not right. This has been successfullly iPhone and Android tested. You can save either the entire stage, portion of it, or specific movieclips. Exporting to iPhone. This lesson will teach you how to export your Flash-created iPhone or iPad and install it on your device. You will need to sign up for Apple Developer program to fully test your app and eventually to submit it to the Store.

Exporting an Android App.

Actionscript 3 Pinball Games — 5 Hours. Become a pinball wizard by programming a realistic physics based game environment. Actionscript 3 Sling Shot Games — 1. This tutorial covers every step in programming a sling shot game. Use the mouse or touch input to pull down an object into the sling shot and launch it over an obstacle toward a target.

Fire away, commander. In this video tutorial you will learn how to program an overhead-view tank game. Use the arrows keys to move, and the mouse or any touch input to fire missiles.

Game Development with ActionScript, 7.5 c

Hit the virtual pub, and learn to program a variety of dart games. Click or tap to release a dart and tally up points for a or game. The video tutorial will teach you to:. Learn how to program a tetris-style block drop game! This 4 hour tutorial will teach you the Actionscript 3 code for programming countless block-based games. Actionscript 3 Strategy Games — 10 Hours. You can read more details on each session below…. In part two you will:. Get Lifetime Access to this course for a one-time purchase price.

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Uh oh, missing your affiliate ID. Create one real quick. Actionscript 3 Bundle. Actionscript 3 Game Development Tutorial Bundle.

193 game prototypes with source code

Buy or Subscribe CartoonSmart students can now choose between buying Lifetime Access to our courses or purchasing one of our affordable Subscription plans. Learn more about your instructor Programming Buttons and Variable Scope. Timers and TextFields. Arrays and Programming a Matching Game. Program a Simple Space Invasion Game. Object Oriented Programming. Detailed session descriptions are below….

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Basic Preferences and Properties. Part 2. Staging and Scripted Tweening. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Topics include: Understanding game develop…. Read the complete description.

Simple Game Development Using Adobe FlashUniKL MIIT UniKL MIIT

Didn't find what you were looking for? Topics include: Understanding game development Building a shooting game Making a Ping-Pong game Developing the enemy's artificial intelligence Creating a word-guessing game Placing tiles in a slider puzzle game Creating a tank battle game Winning and losing a game.

ActionScript 3. Need more information? Get more details on the site of the provider. More information. Description Adobe Certified Instructor shows how to create all kinds of games and have fun with ActionScript. Topics include: Understanding game develop… Read the complete description.