Confronting Biopiracy: Challenges, Cases and International Debates

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University of New South Wales. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy 1 , , Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 36 2 , , Cultural Perspectives on Biopiracy, edited by M. Kysar 95 7 8 bution of competencies between the by Douglas A.

From Smokebush to Spinifex: Indigenous traditional knowledge and the commercialisation of plants

It has been particu- ary principle at 2—3. From his 28 29 successful in terms of reducing larly influential in the United States, belief that the moral character of 30 31 greenhouse gas emissions than having informed much of the regu- actions matters more than their 32 33 others. There are also important latory work of the federal Environ- utilitarian consequences, Kysar 34 35 economic differences, especially mental Protection Agency. Given the diversity of its ogy, engineering and biology to esti- articulate its collective moral iden- 40 41 membership, EU climate policy mate the extent and value of public tity at 10— He first shows 50 to achieve such improvements.

The 57 58 massively over the course of the problems one confronts.


The 75— But his 89 6 Such discounting is central to filment of obligations to behave views of how these ethical obliga- 90 7 CBA. The choice of a discount rate morally. One responsibility for environmental Such beliefs do not provide 97 14 of the reasons why the Stern Report1 harms.

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Confronting Biopiracy: Challenges, Cases and International Debates. Front Cover · Daniel F. Robinson. Earthscan, - Law - pages. 0 Reviews. Detailing international debates from the WTO, CBD and other fora in an accessible manner, the book provides a unique overview of current institutional.

While Kysar does not clear guidance on making hard 98 15 on climate change roused such con- suggest that one should trivialize choices that often confront environ- 99 16 troversy is that it applied unconven- the costs and benefits of environ- mental policy makers, such as trade- 17 tional parameters for discount rates mental policies, he advocates reli- offs between poverty alleviation and 18 by escalating the present value of the ance on the precautionary principle environmental protection. Further- 19 future costs of global warming in rather than CBA or other economic- more, the heterogeneous and dis- 20 order to elicit greater urgency in based methodologies.

Through the cordant character of modern society 21 adopting mitigation measures. Thus, the tions. In thesis about the role of responsibil- 29 30 A further part of his critique of eco- other words, as Kysar explains, the ity in morality is compelling. In pro- policy makers cannot ignore. While the author 58 59 blind us to crucial ethical issues, While I agree with Kysar that eco- focuses his examples on the United 60 61 and result in decisions that many nomics cannot provide the ultimate States, the wider conceptual issues 62 63 people would find morally repug- ethical benchmark, and that reli- are as relevant to any jurisdiction.

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They both reduce individuals ance on CBA dulls moral sensitivi- This book should be essential 66 67 to merely the physical sites of pain ties, his scepticism of economic reading for anyone concerned about 68 69 and pleasure in the case of utilitari- policy instruments such as cap-and- the impact of economic methodolo- 70 71 anism and rational pursuit of pref- trade schemes appears somewhat gies on environmental regulation 72 73 erences in the case of welfare inflated at — Even if one and the search for an alternative 74 75 economics , leaving no space for does not embrace economic analysis vision for environmental law.

Environmental goals, economists may have useful Benjamin J.

Stern, Stern Review on the Economics goals. It was in the course of and the need to adopt pro- 94 20 people regardless of race, social 21 my involvement in the development environmental behaviour with 95 22 status, income or nationality with 23 of such proposals that I learned respect to Prunus has improved. The good for the forest ecosystems 33 importance of dealing with environ- 34 In brief, sustainable development where it grows, and thus to the envi- 35 mental resources from the perspec- 36 has very much to do with the pursuit ronment at large, because such 37 tive of environmental justice lies in 38 of development-oriented natural forest ecosystems play an important 39 the fact that the exploitation of envi- 40 resource consumption actions in a role in climate regulation.

Consuming 45 such as the sacredness of Mother This very informative and practical 46 natural resources on the basis of the 47 Earth and the ecological unity and book, Managing Environmental 48 principles of environmental justice 49 interdependence of all species will Justice, edited by Dennis Pavlich, is 50 is thought to effectively support the 51 de facto aid the implementation of, a meaningful attempt to bring to 52 realization of sustainable deve- 53 and contribute to, ensuring the sus- light practical examples of how soci- 54 lopment.

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The sort of principles un- 55 tainable use of resources. The various chapters have 63 was about two decades ago. I was a things; the right to participate as been organized in such a way that 64 post-graduate student on intern- equal partners at every level of deci- each section addresses a specific 65 ship placement at a biodiversity sion making including needs assess- angle of environmental justice.

Located near a biodiversity sition to the destructive operations Part I deals with the foundations for 69 hotspot Mt Cameroon , this insti- of multinational corporations and environmental justice.

Biopiracy after the Nagoya Protocol: Problem Structure, Regime Design and Implementation Challenges

Part II 70 tution was heavily involved, and, in not least the affirmation of the addresses heuristic strategies on 71 fact, a key actor in national and sacredness of Mother Earth, ecologi- political, economic and social issues 72 international initiatives aimed at cal unity and the interdependence of associated with the concept of envi- 73 promoting the conservation and all species; and the right to be free ronmental justice.

Part III analyzes 74 sustainable use of the biological from ecological destruction. In other the interface between environmen- 75 resources found in this mountain words, all actors must, in the first tal justice and the law. Part IV takes 76 area.

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One of the key resources for place, care for the environment if a look at some technologies, the 77 which considerable efforts were they want to sustain it. And Part V looks 80 that has commercial value due first see how practical these con- at some practical avenues and cases 81 to its medicinal properties appli- cepts were in shaping our behaviour that have been attempted by actors 82 cable in the treatment of prostate to be friendlier towards the environ- in their pursuit of environmental 83 hyperplasia. With justice. From a theo- the Prunus africana case briefly association perspective.

The chapter by of Prunus from an environmental 66 12 Mark H. Buat profil saya Dikutip oleh Lihat semua Semua Sejak Kutipan indeks-h 12 10 indeks-i10 15 Stewart Williams University of Tasmania Email yang diverifikasi di utas.

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Sue Jackson Griffith University Email yang diverifikasi di griffith. University of New South Wales. Artikel Dikutip oleh Pengarang bersama. Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy 1 , , Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 36 2 , , Cultural Perspectives on Biopiracy, edited by M. Artikel 1—20 Tampilkan lainnya.