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Strategy and tactics are like the yin and yang of innovation. They balance and play off of one another. You need to have a vision of where you want to go if you plan to get there. You also need to have the innovation skills needed to navigate the path to where you want to be. Bring your whole game, or go home Innovation and chess are merciless to the uncommitted. There are many skills that you must bring to the table in order to deliver on successful innovation.

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If you have a weak point in your game, you will be punished for it. The difference between winning and losing in innovation is realization.

Are you engaging your entire value delivery network to maximize the potential of your innovation efforts? Are you employing innovation best practices to ensure that you are delivering the optimal manifestation of your concept to the market? Is your innovation process enabled to achieve this best deliverable in the most efficient manner?

Think proactively not reactively Play the game actively. Turn the tables by putting the completion on the defensive. Futurist Daniel Burrus advises to identify your most urgent issue and skip it. On the surface that may sound odd, but there is great wisdom in this suggestion. First, you are not just playing one side's moves, but are asked sometimes to take Black, and sometimes White within the same game.

Second, you are not required to "guess" on every move, and finally you are often given the choice of several alternatives to choose from, instead of coming up with a move of your own. Points are awarded or subtracted according to your choice of move, and at the end of each game there is a short summary of the lessons to be learnt from the game.

The games themselves are interesting and of a high standard, all of them appearing to be contested by grandmasters, though only nine of the fifty are from the past five years, and they include several old chestnuts. I know that this kind of self-assessment is very popular, and the book is sure to sell well. My one criticism lies in the fact that at times the reader is side-tracked into variations, and asked to predict the next move within a variation, before reverting back to the game.

Innovation Chess

I found this a bit confusing at times and would have preferred to stick just to the actual game as played. At times it smacks more of annotation than of playing the game. But apart from this the whole exercise of playing through the games, whether or not you want to test yourself, is an instructional and beneficial experience.

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PC board spare parts. Sets, Boards. After you have finished with King and Pawn endgames you can throw a couple of minor pieces on the board to make the position more complex. Doing that will give you a good feel for the endgames and you will play them out with greater confidence, leading to more won games.

You may also solve unclear endgames using 6 pieces Nalimov endgame tables. In order to make further progress you need to systemize all the chess knowledge you have and work on your personal weaknesses. The first thing you need to do is to systemize your opening preparation. The best thing to do is to have all the lines you play stored on a computer and add new ones when they appear in practical play. You can also add annotations to the lines to clarify which moves are the best and why. I have previously written an article on building an opening repertoire , you can use it as a guideline.

Right way to Chess Improvement

It is very important to analyze your own games in order to make further progress. When analyzing games you should find and record mistakes for both sides, not just your own and provide a better line instead of the one played in a game. In order to analyze the game precisely you need to repeatedly evaluate chess positions which arise on the board. When analyzing your own games look for patterns of mistakes that take place.

You need to find at what type of positions you play better or worse and work on your weaknesses. You should do the same kind of statistics with your openings and middle games.

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Being a serious chess player requires taking every opportunity you have before, after and during the game. Nutrition, time management and psychology are important aspect of the game and not to be underestimated.

AlphaZero: Shedding new light on chess, shogi, and Go

Thank you for your opinion. Your experience Is very valuable and helpful. You left one thing out. You have see thing On the board chess is a physical game. Look and see watchful and instinct. A feeling A gut knowing what to do at giving moment. Your oppontent wil guide you to a point To where and when to play defense Or offense. These things cannot be taught It through playing you will grasp and learn Key skills then you will be able to dictate The match. With a win draw or lost.

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