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With this they all escape and return to where the document has been hidden.

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However, it is all a clever trap and Biggles and Algy are again arrested while Ginger escapes with the document. Ginger is disguised as a soldier and accidentally finds himself being loaded onto a troop transporter to the front line trenches in the Spanish Civil War where he is expected to fight against General Franco's fascist Spanish troops.

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Here he befriends a cockney called Fred Summers. Ginger is forced to spend some days in the trenches as deserters are shot.

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However, he is able to save the life of a pilot who he sees being shot down. This pilot is called Jock McLannoch and after hearing that Ginger is also a pilot he makes arrangements to have him transferred from the front line to his squadron. Ginger is looking for a chance to return to Barcelona to find out what has become of Biggles and Algy.

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Taking Jock into his confidence, Ginger finds out that Biggles and Algy have been tried and sentenced to be shot. Ginger gives Jock the vital document and sets off to Barcelona to try to rescue Biggles and Algy. This he successfully does after some considerable adventures, which include shooting Goudini. Returning to Jock's aerodrome with Biggles and Algy, they find that Jock has been shot down. Biggles and Algy steal a captured Caproni aeroplane whilst Ginger has to fly in a separate aircraft with his squadron.

source url My chances of getting out of here alive are about one in a hundred. Yours are one in ten. They'll kill you without the slightest compunction if they think you're with me. I don't know what you're doing here, but it doesn't matter. Make for London. If you get there, tell them what happened. After a chance encounter with a British Intelligence agent who passes them a coded message which has to be got back to the Ministry of Defence in London, they are involved in a desperate chase to get back home with the evil chief of Intelligence and Propaganda after them.

The Forgotten History of Spanish Life

No current Talk conversations about this book. Een andere favoriet. Het eerste dat ik ooit uit deze serie las.

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Biggles, Ginger en Algy maken een reis per schip, omdat dit rustgevend zou werken. Na een paar dagen op zee wordt het Griekse vrachtschip waar op zij vaten door vliegtuigen van Franco gebombardeerd en moeten de drie zich zwemmend zien te redden. Na vele uren in het water bereiken ze het vaste land van Spanje, en dan begint het avontuur pas echt goed.

EdwinKort Jul 4, Surprised to find that it stood up to the passing of time. Written towards the end of the Spanish Civil War during which it is set it still reads as a good story. A bit boys own in places, but it is Biggles and that's what it is. Got a good feel for the history which is partly through being practically contemporaneous with the events it described.

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Biggles in Spain book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 'Don't move yet. I'm going out of the front door. They'll rush me t. This story was first published, in eleven parts, as WINGS OVER SPAIN in Biggles, Algy and Ginger swim to the shore and find themselves in Barcelona.

Well worth reading. Biggles and his chums are unexpectedly bombed during a Mediterranean boat trip, and swim ashore in Barcelona at the height of the Spanish Civil War, where despite speaking no Spanish they outwit dastardly Spanish officials trying to seize a coded document bound for London, befriend a Cockney in the International Brigade, break both into and out of a prison camp, hijack a car, a motorbike, and two aeroplanes, and finally crash-land at the French border.

On reaching London they are briefly thanked for their efforts on behalf of the Empire and offered their out-of-pocket expenses. Splendid stuff!

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Status W. Biggles in Spain. I'm going out of the front door. They'll rush me then.

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Make for London. Authors W. Panels are joined by browned tape which is visible on verso. The further away you are likely the longer it will take to arrive. Remove FREE.

That's your chance to go out the back way. Got that? But don't think I'm exaggerating.