Atmospheric Aerosols and Nucleation

Measurement of the nucleation of atmospheric aerosol particles
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Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper. Figures and Topics from this paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. References Publications referenced by this paper. The contribution of boundary layer nucleation events to total particle number concentrations on regional and global scales.

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Spracklen , D. Kerminen , Markku Kulmala , Kari Lehtinen.

Facilities and instruments

Atmospheric particles are ubiquitous in the atmosphere: they form the seeds for cloud droplets and they form haze layers, blocking out incoming radiation and. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Atmospheric Aerosols and Nucleation, Held at the University of Vienna, Austria, August 22–27,

Comparing mobility and mass measurements of atmospheric small ions. M Ehn. Wang, J. Particulate matter pollution over China and the effects of control policies.

Atmospheric Aerosols and Nucleation

Intra-annual variations of regional aerosol optical depth, vertical distribution, and particle types from multiple satellite and ground-based observational datasets. A microphysics guide to cirrus clouds—Part 1: Cirrus types. Stein, T. Sherwood, S. Twomey, S. Influence of pollution on shortwave albedo of clouds. Gartzke, J. Comparison of satellite-, model-, and radiosonde-derived convective available potential energy in the Southern Great Plains region. Omar, A.

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Efficiency of immersion mode ice nucleation on surrogates of mineral dust Claudia Marcolli , Susanne Gedamke , Th. It can also be formulated in terms of the total number density N : [15]. Kahl, Howard A. Advertisement Hide. This allows us to calculate the terminal velocity of a particle undergoing gravitational settling in still air. Inadvertent climate modification due to anthropogenic lead. Two alternative size-selective criteria, often used in atmospheric monitoring, are PM 10 and PM 2.

DeSouza-Machado, S. Hardle, W. Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis 4th edn, Springer, Type-dependent responses of ice cloud properties to aerosols from satellite retrievals. Fan, J. Aerosol impacts on California winter clouds and precipitation during CalWater local pollution versus long-range transported dust. Effects of cloud condensation nuclei and ice nucleating particles on precipitation processes and supercooled liquid in mixed-phase orographic clouds. Improving bulk microphysics parameterizations in simulations of aerosol effects.

Schmale, J. Long-term cloud condensation nuclei number concentration, particle number size distribution and chemical composition measurements at regionally representative observatories. Yang, J. Airborne observations of cloud condensation nuclei spectra and aerosols over East Inner Mongolia. Cai, M. A parameterization of cirrus cloud formation: heterogeneous freezing. Spichtinger, P. Impact of heterogeneous ice nuclei on homogeneous freezing events in cirrus clouds. Shao, Y. Parameterization of size-resolved dust emission and validation with measurements.

Despres, V. Primary biological aerosol particles in the atmosphere: a review. Tellus B 64 , Lohmann, U. A glaciation indirect aerosol effect caused by soot aerosols. Phillips, V. Improvements to an empirical parameterization of heterogeneous ice nucleation and its comparison with observations. Penner, J. Anthropogenic aerosol indirect effects in cirrus clouds.

Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols

Charnawskas, J. Condensed-phase biogenic-anthropogenic interactions with implications for cold cloud formation.

Faraday Discuss. Rosenfeld, D. Flood or drought: how do aerosols affect precipitation?

Substantial convection and precipitation enhancements by ultrafine aerosol particles. Liu, Z. Observed relationships between cloud vertical structure and convective aggregation over tropical ocean. Climate 30 , — Chin, M. Han, Y. Impacts of elevated-aerosol-layer and aerosol type on the correlation of AOD and particulate matter with ground-based and satellite measurements in Nanjing, southeast China.

Total Environ. Kumar, N. An empirical relationship between PM2.

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Ginoux, P. Niu, F. Systematic variations of cloud top temperature and precipitation rate with aerosols over the global tropics. Koren, I. The invigoration of deep convective clouds over the Atlantic: aerosol effect, meteorology or retrieval artifact?

Table of contents

Aerosol-induced changes of convective cloud anvils produce strong climate warming. Peng, J. Systematic changes in cloud radiative forcing with aerosol loading for deep clouds in the tropics. Jiang, J. Influence of convection and aerosol pollution on ice cloud particle effective radius.

Data availability

Contrasting effects on deep convective clouds by different types of aerosols. Kim, M. Won, Y. Seeley, J. Why does tropical convective available potential energy CAPE increase with warming? Riemann-Campe, K. Khain, A. Simulation of effects of atmospheric aerosols on deep turbulent convective clouds using a spectral microphysics mixed-phase cumulus cloud model.

Part I: Model description and possible applications. Notes on state-of-the-art investigations of aerosol effects on precipitation: a critical review. Bigg, E. The formation of atmospheric ice crystals by the freezing of droplets. Liu, X. Ice nucleation parameterization for global models. Integrating laboratory and field data to quantify the immersion freezing ice nucleation activity of mineral dust particles.

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