Animals and African Ethics

Animals and African Ethics
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There are many legit sanctuaries working with orphaned and rescued animals , and they all rely heavily on tourist visits and volunteer experiences to make ends meet.

Non-Human Animals: Crash Course Philosophy #42

The points highlighted above are just a guide to help you choose for yourself. During our time in the Kruger region we had the chance to visit some great organisations that we recommend wholeheartedly — C. Maybe because African elephants are larger than Asian elephants? I honestly have no idea. Elephant riding is wrong on so many levels — first and foremost, because elephants are not domestic animals, and they have to be literally beaten into submission. This practice is known in Asia as phajaan — elephants are kept in chains and beaten with bull hooks from a very young age, until their spirit is crushed and their keeper is recognised as a dominant figure.

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Even though these facts are often heard in connection with elephants in Asia, they are also applicable to African elephants. Elephants are highly sociable and intelligent animals, living in herds that can measure up to 40 or more individuals. Watching them interact with one another is fascinating — we saw little babies nursing from their mothers and learning to use their trunk, teenage elephants mock-fighting, and entire herds surrounding vulnerable members in protection. Addo Elephant Park, a National Park close to Port Elizabeth , offers excellent chances of elephant spotting, due to the fact that it is fairly small and houses a healthy elephant population.

After all, sharks are wild and the encounter occurs in their natural habitat, with no behaviour modification required , so it must be fine? Chumming has been related to a disruption of sharks feeding patterns and increased attacks on humans , even though evidence is not conclusive. However, there is an ethical alternative to chumming — using music to attract sharks , something that I was able to experience myself in South Australia. I tried researching ethical shark diving in South Africa , but as far as I could see all operators used chum to attract sharks.

Spotting cetaceans in season is pretty much guaranteed — but what if like me you get seasick? And it will cost you nothing. Up until the mid-Twentieth century ostrich were farmed mainly for their feathers, used to decorate hats and fans. In fact, riding ostriches is only allowed for people weighing less than 60 kilos, and the experience is not reported to be comfortable, neither for the bird nor for the rider. Luckily, many farms are deciding to stop offering ostrich rides — but when we visited May the experience was still available.

Ethics of Killing Animals - Oxford Scholarship

Even PeTA is not opposed to horse riding. We have spent more hours than I could ever count watching them play and interact and believe me there is no comparison to doing this in a wild situation and 'visiting' them. Steve has made excellent points about what constitutes a true sanctuary, which will hopefully help you decide. Once again we will never see eye to eye on the subject of animal exploitation so I will simply quote an extract directly from the website itself…. We offer hands-on interactions.. Our dedicated staff is committed to the use of positive reinforcement elephant training methods.

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You will be introduced to our elephants in the forest area, and here you will be able to touch and interact with the elephants. You will see the special relationship that the elephant handlers share with their elephants and become a part of it. Walk trunk-in-hand with the elephants.

See the stables where the elephants sleep at night. Guests learn about elephant anatomy and are able to feed them. Thank you for your advise! It is sometimes difficult to uderstand the big picture, when coming from "another world" so to say.

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The claim is frequently made on behalf of African moral beliefs and practices that they do not objectify and The Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series. The claim is frequently made on behalf of African moral beliefs and practices Part of the The Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series book series (PMAES).

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See all. Destination Expert for South Africa. And how better to preserve it than to furnish Africans with the simplest things in life, such as plimsolls with rubber-free soles , lead-free pencils so that they can learn how to write, solar panels that allow them to heat water, and goats, which are such a superb alternative to lawnmowers and to the industrialisation of milk production and milk provision, such as we have instituted in animalphobic Britain. However, we must also ask: is this in the best interests of the goat? Sheba and I once sponsored a girl in Liberia called Chloe.

Well, we called he Chloe. It kept Chloe in school and kept her donkey in rude health. However, when we paid Chloe a surprise visit in — with the ultimate aim of adopting her and bringing her to Britain so that she might educate our own two boys about how to live in tune with nature — we discovered that she had saved up our monthly donations to buy a tiny bungalow, with a gas heater!!!

The Ethics of Killing Animals

We were disgusted, disturbed, traumatised. We immediately withdrew our monthly donation, and the latest I heard is that Chloe is selling shoelaces on roadsides in Monrovia and making tuppence a week. Peaches, it is too risky to entrust animals to a continent where the RSPCA has very little clout and where PETA has tried but failed to bring about a cultural shift in attitudes to wildlife and pet-life. Yes, for the price of a Starbucks coffee if you are inclined to drink from that evil capitalist establishment , you can send a bucket of manure to a poor African family, which allows them to fertilise enough crops to keep them alive for exactly one year.

Ethan is here to answer all your questions about ethical living in the twenty-first century. Greenhart spiked-online. Read his earlier columns here. Forgot password?

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South Africa forums. It is sometimes difficult to uderstand the big picture, when coming from "another world" so to say. Many thanks, Kai, for such an informative and important interview. Do you notice signs of violence on the animals that might be caused by a human, or signs of restrain like chains or ropes? Level Contributor.

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Essays, profiles and in-depth features, every Sunday. Is it ethical to give a goat to Africa? Topics Politics. Dear Ethan, Every year I give the gift of a goat to Africa, on the basis that a goat provides poor Africans with milk, cheese, grass-grazing skills, and company during those long, TV-less nights in the jungle — and it also helps them to continue living sustainable, machine-free lives. Brendan O'Neill Politics. Alex Standish Politics. Patrick Mallen Politics.